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Watering Last Year’s Crop

Upon finding that Ace hardware didn’t carry replacement florescent bulbs for my shop light, the sales lady recommended McKenney Supply, Inc. as a likely source; this set off an angry, resentful response concerning me never doing business with McKenney Supply, Inc.

My resentment grew from an unfortunate encounter with a sales clerk at McKenney Supply, only a day or so after we moved into Searcy. The clerk was both, unhelpful and unfriendly at a time when I urgently needed some helpful and friendly advice as well as some supplies. Since McKenneys is located at an intersection that I pass by frequently, the crop of resentment has been abundantly watered over the years.

This incident has caused me to reflect on my attitude and to realize that carrying around resentment is a lot like watering last year’s crop. It grows only the likes of cockleburs, bull nettle, and bitter weeds. It consumes energy, degrades the field, and brings no satisfaction or honor.

A lot of things can happen to create a climate for us to Water Last Year’s Crops. I’ve decided to pay better attention to my inclination to mentally rehash unpleasant events and to definitely stop irrigating this particular crop; however, since there are plenty of other places to do business, I think I will continue to avoid McKenneys. –CP


Christmas is over but we’re not over Christmas

By priernet

Christmas is over and the kids have left for their home in Georgia. We have have that empty feeling yet are  happy we had a short time with them. We reconnected, enjoyed good food and laughter. It was a great Christmas. Our granddaughter sang at the Christmas Eve Candle lighting Service  at church and did a fantastic job. Many of our friends were there and can now understand all our bragging.

Someone has said, “The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another.” This was one of them. The weather was bad, cold, rain – a near flood, but warm and hopeful inside. –Charles

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