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Bessie Jane

Bessie Jane Cook died Tuesday. Heaven benefitted; all those waiting there, no doubt smiled. Bessie Jane was unique in many ways, a hair dresser, caterer, restaurateur, and all around entrepreneur. Always reaching out and helping someone. She was my mother’s first cousin, playmate and good friend. And she was one of the few remaining souls that has known me all of my life.

Some might say she was bossy; one thing is sure, if she was there, she was in charge and everyone was assured of having something to eat and enjoying a good time.

I attended her funeral today and had the honor of being a Pallbearer. I was surprised and a little disappointed that so few people attended. Today’s event seemed a feeble testament to the achievements she garnered throughout her tenure on this planet. During a lull in today’s ceremony, I couldn’t help but think, if she was here, she would perk it up a bit.

Here’s to you Cousin Jane, thank you for an example well set.-CP


Roe v. Wade facts

The Republican Party encourages Pro-Life voters to blame the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on Democrats. The Republicans never point out that five of the seven justices in the majority in Roe v. Wade were Republicans; of the two justices who dissented, one was a Republican, one a Democrat.

Justice Appointed By



Warren E. Burger Richard Nixon


William O. Douglas Franklin D. Roosevelt


William J. Brennan, Jr. Dwight Eisenhower


Potter Stewart  Dwight Eisenhower


Byron White John F. Kennedy  


Thurgood Marshall  Lyndon B. Johnson


Harry Blackmun Richard Nixon


Lewis F. Powell, Jr.  Richard Nixon


William Rehnquist Richard Nixon  


The Republicans have not taken steps toward overturning Roe v. Wade because future Republican electoral interests could be adversely affected. Without the promise to overturn Roe v. Wade as bait, Christians might not vote for a Republican?

Republican politicians are fond of taking a “tough love” approach supporting welfare policies that often result in life situations leading to abortion choices.

Rarely do Republicans support policies that would make abortions unnecessary or less likely. Democrats support policies that will reduce the demand for abortions: family planning, teen pregnancy prevention and adoption law reform.

Personally I, along with many other Democrats do not support abortion as practiced today. I will work at any opportunity to influence positive change. Meanwhile, I will support policies that will reduce abortions by creating alternatives in those real life situations where abortion is too often considered necessary. –CP

No Heroes needed

We once had Heroes from the school yard playground to town hall; someone to admire, to imitate; someone who made you proud and could never let you down. We have few Heroes nowadays especially once passed kindergarten. Civilization has progress to the point where we no longer need them. Instead, we have developed a need for a satan; someone to blame for the world condition, or for that single issue that prevents imagined perfection, and even for conditions created by our own shortcomings. Humankind may give up their Heroes but never their satan.

This satan may not be a single person but an ideology, i.e., almost anything ending in ‘i-s-m’; capitalism, communism, conservatism, socialism, or liberalism. It can be anybody perceived as promoting the hated i-s-m or perhaps a tag given them because they oppose or embrace a particular ideology. 

In a moral sense, humankind is compelled to engage this satan in combat. Most frequently this is by fabricating and repeating myths (statements created in our own image) that cast the person in a bad light or sensationalizing some disparaging feature (true or not) about the i-s-m; all without drawing the line at deceit and hypocrisy.

The sad statistic is that such combat creates only negative forces that manifest in wasted energy and advances the cause only by illusion. The unintended consequences include immorally influencing others creating hate and discontent. No man is an island; the immorality of one diminishes us all.–CP

Opinions on Demand

In this information age where knowledge is so easily attained, many people are still content to adopt the opinion of others rather than learn and think clearly for themselves. They are motivated to assume an intellectual stereotype, squeezing themselves into an image they believe will enhance their standing among those they wish to emulate. Many Americans are sucked into supporting causes and policies that defeat their own interest.

Unfortunately for some America working people, the stress of economic uncertainties, and the demands of work and family leave little energy to research, study, and rationally contemplate political situations; this is especially true as they become more complex. There is no shortage of pompous talking heads and conservative talk show performers to offer up ready-made, superficially plausible opinions.

If there were labeling laws for these opinions on demand the ingredients would include dubious research citing misleading statistics, biased polls, and sensational, but oversimplified court cases with outrageous rulings. Fair and balanced would be presented in bold print with evidence citations shown in small print, if presented at all.

Much of the political upheaval would be avoided if citizens took a high school refresher course in government (I often wonder if they never took such a course). Those that are puzzled by how government works are easily led astray about the issues. –CP

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