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There is danger in voting your anger

Republican and Tea Party policies are not about reducing the abuse by big government but destroying the role of government in our lives, thus allowing private centers of power (special interest, big business, and Wall Street) to operate unimpeded by laws and regulation. The losers are everyday citizens who believe in working hard to get ahead, to educate their children, to live the American Dream and to retire with dignity.

 Congressman Boozman just voted against the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, once again proving that he stands with big Wall Street banks and his Washington party leaders rather than the small businesses and everyday citizens in Arkansas. Pandering to special interest is becoming the norm for Mr. Boozman

 His leaders are the same advocates that want to significantly increase the deficit to continue a tax cut for 2% of the population (the richest) yet adamantly opposed extending unemployment benefits to everyday citizens who lost their jobs because of their reckless fiscal policies.

 There is danger in voting your anger. Someone has said “Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” Take a “Timeout” think about what needs doing and who is more likely to do it. Everyday citizens should not be bullied into voting against their own best interest.


Low Information Voters

Arkansas voters are in danger of falling prey to politicians who have discovered the New Demographic, i.e., Low Information Voters; those citizens, who can quote historical statistics on major league sports and have thoughtfully formed opinions about the players and teams, yet have chosen to accept a low information diet dished out by the Party of “NO”, Fox News, and conservative radio talk shows.

Short memories and misinformation are close allies of these mountebanks who want to dismantle the progress being made and return to the policies and politics that brought on the worst recession since the great depression and nearly bankrupt our country.

Aside from the economic issues is the moral imperative to elect honest candidates who will actually participate in the legislative process other than through delay and obstruction.  

We should not forget Tim Griffin’s role as Karl Rove’s closest protégé and his involvement in many of the most significant episodes of Republican sleaze over the last decade. Close to home is the U.S. Attorney scandal where, despite his lack of prosecutorial experience he was appointed interim U.S. Attorney thanks to Mr. Rove. He replaced Bud Cummins who was asked to resign although he was highly regarded.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) included Griffin on their list of Crooked Candidates for 2010.

What do you think? Do you want this kind of political operative making laws in Washington?

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