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Brownout in Georgia

As citizens of the Georgia 10th Congressional District, it is good to know where we stand with our Representatives in Washington. During recent weeks Representative Paul Broun has demonstrated that the wellbeing of “we the people” is a very low priority with him. His participation in the gridlock, national frustration, and actions resulting in lowering of our country’s credit standing is certainly jeer-worthy.  The troubling fact that he actually proposed lowering the debt limit, putting the government immediately in default speaks loudly about his priorities. In my opinion he ignored the first item of his four-way test when considering how to act concerning the debt limit crisis. He apparently believes it would be morally right for the country to default on the debts incurred by money already spent by Congress. He devoted a lot of negative energy to this issue and no positive energy toward JOBS or anything else worthwhile.

On a broader scale, it is apparent that because he signed the Grover Norquist Pledge he is incapable of being a competent legislator. By signing this pledge he became accountable to Grover Norquist not to the citizens of Georgia. It is time he renounces that outlandish pledge and instead pledge to listen to all sides of the issues with everything on the table, compromise while working toward balanced tax reform, jobs, and the benefit of everyday citizens. Our elected officials should be able to rely on their intelligence to assess the merits of any proposal encountered instead of being blackmailed into goat-like following dictated by Norquist’s pledge.  Any idiot can stand in the crowd and just say NO to everything; we need elected officials to actually represent the interest of the country not just their political party. CP

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