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Political rhetoric hurts us all

While sitting in a medical facility waiting room the other day I overheard a casual conversation between others also waiting concerning the Presidential campaigns currently in the news. It seemed that everyone was welcome to comment. Most of the comments were negative about the current Republican candidates. One man suggested that the right person to vote for could be determined by figuring out who you didn’t want to be President.  To that a lady announced, “I sure don’t want Obama to win.”

I asked why she was so against the President. “Is it because he is Black?” She denied that emphatically and said, “Race has nothing to do with it. I just don’t like him.” Another man said that for him race did matter but that was a personal matter.

Another asked why I was for him. I admitted that I was just trying to learn why the current candidates would be better and wanted to be sure that my vote would not be against my own best interest.

A man behind me said, “He is head of the armed services and has never been in the service himself, so he is not qualified to be the Commander and Chief.”

It is true that he has never been in the military service, at least until now, but he ended the war in Iraq and took out Osama bin Laden. Do these accomplishments merit any consideration as qualifying factors?

The man to my left said, “He has never had a job and don’t know what it means to really have to work.” I wondered how that was different from the current leading Republican candidates.

“He’s a Muslim, and I think only Christians should be President, we are a Christian country and every citizen should strive to keep it that way.” He added, “Besides he wasn’t even born in America.”

I remembered that some believe that Mormons are a cult and not Christians.

“He believes in abortion and appointed liberal judges that passed on Roe vs. Wade” said the man to my left.  Actually he appointed none of those judges and five of the seven judges concurring with that decision were appointed by Republican Presidents.

Since many of those waiting were senior citizens and obviously had some interest in health care, it would have been good to ask opinions on policies affecting Social Security, Medicare, and Healthcare. My business was concluded before I had the opportunity to raise the questions.

That encounter convinced me that many hard-working, down-home, folks are falling prey to the hateful and deceitful rhetoric so prevalent on the minds and lips of Georgia’s elected politicians today.

Charles Prier

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