Ramblings of Charles Prier – Writer-Insomniac-General Know-it-All


“Sometimes my values, priorities, and prejudices collide with a memory or something I hear or read and an idea is born. The idea may lead to the solution to a problem or become the cause of another. Often it just serves to adjust my priorities and prejudices. Occasionally the idea leads to selecting and scribbling words to validate, clarify, and make it useful or entertaining. I enjoy bringing together the words in a sequence that enables sharing the ideas with others.”  

Please comment on the individual entries or email me with your general comments at Charles@PierNet.com . I promise to carefully read and consider each comment. –Charles


Comments on: "About" (3)

  1. Patsy Pipkin said:

    Hi Charles,
    You have an interesting website and I need one!! I’ve sent an e-mail requesting help from Think Advertising (here in Searcy) and will be talking with them this week. Did you use someone to set up your site?
    If so, will you share information with me? I know nothing!!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Charles, I love getting your blogs, but not on up-link (I can’t–for some reason–answer/comment. Please change my email address to plpalaster21@gmail.com. Merry Christmas to you and yours. PL

    • I’m Sorry Pat, I don’t know what to do. This is the first piece I have been able to complete since Robbie passed. It has been long enough that I’ve forgotten the mechanics of WordPress. Please bear with me, I will eventually get it figured out. Thanks for reading it.


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