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Why I like My New Book

Primarily because I did it all myself; all the stories are from my imagination and are recorded as if I personally witnessed the story-line images. The essays are mostly fragments of memories, some enhanced with maybes, or could-have-beens, born of later events or experiences. Others are simply the result of mental fits of anger, love, pride, or remorse thoughtfully presented.

I did all the mechanical tasks myself; the design, typing, layout, selecting the images and arranging the mundane but necessary nits associated with finally publishing. All of this is to efficiently mark the end of a project that has stimulated and amused me for the last few years.

I encounter a lot of people who say they don’t read books; that’s a shame. However, I believe that even they would enjoy this book. I think they would learn to find a few minutes away from their busy lives to savor the taste of a different perspective.

Not only a good read but a great gift for almost anyone.

Available at Amazon, Lulu, and my website under Books

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