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Small Town USA

A recent road trip had us passing through many small towns. There are towns off the main road. Then there are towns off the back road. Weldon, Arkansas is off Highway 17 and Jackson County Road 22; neither are main roads unless you live in Weldon.

The homes of the 100 residents looked neat, almost prosperous although the median annual income is probably less than $30k. No doubt, everyone took pride in what God had given them. No one is struggling or living below the poverty line.

We didn’t see many people. Those we saw seemed happy, curious, and carefree with no concern about what is going on in Egypt or even Washington, DC. Their crops were green and abundant. The road was smooth. I got lost in my mind, everything was so Peaceful and unfamiliar. I didn’t recognize any place or the feelings I felt… but I yearned to.


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